E14 Small in Stature, Huge in Heart! Christine Moonbeam, Acro Jam Podcast

Christine Moonbeam is the real deal as a coach, and a truly wonderful person.

Christine Moonbeam is a real advocate for cultivating partner acrobatics as an inclusive, artistic co-creation that focuses on healthy relationship building and dedication to empowering each other in their role.

Christine Moonbeam is a super experienced partner acrobatics, handstand and dance coach; she is a very active internationally with teaching offerings all over the world! As a coach Christine is great at assisting her students on the journey of finding the balance between training and play and its her goal is to create safe and enriching training space to foster her students’ exploration and work toward their goals.

She is the co-founder of the Colorado Acro Fest, which is running at the Boulder Circus Centre in Boulder Colorado February 14 – 16th, 2020.

Other upcoming opportunities to train with Christine include:

  • Pitch Catch Circus School: February 24 – May 1
  • Advanced Acro Intensive: May 29 – 31
  • BackpACRO retreat: October 14 – 20

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E13 International Coach and Trainer Extraordinaire, BLOX, Acro Jam Podcast


World Respected Coach, Awesome Communicator and Great Guy

International acrobatics teacher, performer

Diving deep into acrobatics for the last decade, Blox brings his experience and wisdom to his students and fosters environments that are safe, supportive and motivating.

He really lives and breathes what it means to be a great a teacher, an awesome communicator and an all-round fantastic person.

We got to sit down with Blox on the final afternoon afternoon three weeks of training in the Pitch Catch Fall program, running in Boulder CO, in September 2019.

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