Acro Jam Podcast Episode 1: Niko

For the very first episode of the Acro Jam Podcast we are very lucky to be chatting with Niko Douwes!

Yes that’s right THE Niko Douwes. Co-founder of Partner-acroabtics, an international acrobatics teaching phenomenon, one of the OGs of Dutch Acrobatics and organiser of the Pre-Con to the Dutch Acro Convention.

With 28 years of training and teaching under his belt, Niko is an incredible teacher and the kind of guy who will level up your acro skills in an afternoon. If you are looking to take your training further and hone in on how you can improve whether as a base or flyer, we highly recommended tracking this man down and locking in some training time with him!

We are grateful we were able to sit down and share his wisdom, and excited to be able to share it with you.

You’ll be able to find Niko teaching at the following upcoming events:

Spain Advanced Intensive (June 15-28th)
Spain Teacher Training (August 1-28th)
Mexico Advanced Intensive (October 20-30th)

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