Acro Jam Podcast Episode 12: Devon French

Majestic Casual

Our guest for this is episode of the podcast is a very special man. He is a father, and a metaphorical grandfather of acro yoga in Vancouver, he is the Co-founder of International Teacher Trainers, Vancity acro, he is Devon French. This is a very special episode for us, Devon means a lot to both Sara and I, and I hope that through this conversation you can get a feeling why.

I mention it in the start of this podcast, but we recorded this conversation on our very last day in Vancouver… and that is a while ago now, and a lot a lot has happened in between!

In all honesty, this man is someone really special and if you ever get the chance to take a class or workshop with him, you gotta take it. There is a lot of wisdom in this episode, I will let our man Devon speak for himself.

Thank you for joining us for a very open, honest and vulnerable conversation with the man who defines majestic casual, Devon French

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Instagram: @empower_move_ment


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