E16 Balancing Performing, Coaching and Motherhood: Monika Kolb

How to do it all!

Monika Kolb is a professional circus artist specialising in hula hoop, acrobatics, aerials and fire toys. She is a circus educator for adults and children alike, sharing her passion and skills with the world. Most importantly, Monika is a mother to her son Reuben, a special young man some of you out there in the acro world may have already met – because as many of you know, Monika lives a very international life!

Each year involves travelling the world with her partner Niko Douwes, again, someone who I am sure some of you might know – if not, make sure you go back and listen to our very first episode of the Acro Jam Podcast! We were lucky enough to sit down and record this conversation with Monika at the Tasmanian Acro Flyaway in Tasmania in early 2019. I think if you listen closely you can hear Reuben and Niko playing together in the background.

If you want to keep track of Monika and make sure you can train with her when she comes through your town – you should check out her website at www.monikakolb.de and have a look at her calendar for upcoming teachings, workshops and performances.

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