E15 Gymnastics to Acrobatics, Jacob and Debbie

The Acro Rain Man & Springfield’s Sweetheart

Jacob Brown and Debbie Collis are Acroyoga and Partner Acrobatics coaches from Oregon, USA. Their great coaching, clear communication and awesome dynamic has led to these two becoming well-respected regulars at Partner Acrobatics festivals around the world.

Our conversation covers how Jacob and Debbie have grown as an acrobatics couple, how they develop their skills and their creative process for creating new washing machines and flows.

Getting to record this conversation at Jacob and Debbie’s home in Springfield, Oregon was very special for us. Not only were we in the middle of our bicycle tour from Canada at the time and very smelly and tired cyclists, but we got to spend time and learn about these wonderful folks and their cool town.

You can catch Jacob and Debbie at their upcoming intensives:

Eugene, Oregon – March 20-22 Austin, Texas – March 27-29

To keep up to date with Debbie and Jacob and for SO MUCH Acro information, check out their website: www.jacobanddebbieacro.com

Make sure you follow them at:

Jacob: Facebook: @jacobbrownacrobatics Instagram: @jacobbrownacro

Debbie Facebook: @debbiecollisacro Instagram: @debbiecollis

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