Acro Jam Podcast Episode 4: Nirvana Pilkington

We are joined by the amazing Nirvana Pilkington, and we go DEEP!

Nirvana is a Brisbane based Acroyoga and Yoga teacher and a Somatic Sex Educator. She blends her knowledge of traditional Yoga with Yin, Antigravity Aerial Yoga and body awareness to provide students with movement practice and philosophy to help them reach their full potentials. Taking a deep approach to acroyoga, movement and spirituality, Nirvana is renowned for empowering her students and helping them access their inner wisdom and abilities. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Nirvana shares enlightening perspectives and principles we can apply not only to our acro practices, but our lives.

Facebook: @nirvana.pilkington
Instagram: @nirvana.pilkington

Nirvana’s Acro Journey; partner acrobatics, circus school, acroyoga and more
Training and improving without a local teacher or community
Building a partner acrobatics community
Consent and communication within partner acrobatics practice
Healthy touch in acro
Incorporating boundaries, healthy touch and consent into your life and practice
Sexological Body Work or Somatic Sex Education
Promoting social issues with acrobatic performance
Bringing Yogic awareness and principles to partner acrobatics
The values found when bases fly, and flyers base
Values and principles learnt as a Ladybase
Nirvana’s training history: Montreal Acroyoga, Divine Play, Australian Partner Acrobatics Convention, Dutch Acro Convention and heaps more
Where to find Nirvana

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