Acro Jam Podcast Episode 3: Acro Kat

Kat and Jared (2018)

Katarina Sofia or Acro Kat joins us on this episode of the Acro Jam Podcast! Born in Finland, Kat is currently living and attending circus school in Spain with her life and acrobatics partner Jared. Before becoming an acrobatics teacher and performer, Kat was a school teacher and her skills and abilities as an educator really shine through in her calm, yet enthusiastic acro teaching style.

Kat and Jared are organising “the only Acro festival where the sun never sets”, the Midnight Sun Acro Convention! This festival which will take place in Lapland, Finland, June 20th to 24th.

fb: @acrokatics
instagram kat: @akrokatics

Kat’s acro journey
Basing, as a flyer
Building acro communities in small cities and towns
Kat’s training history, teacher trainings, circus school, intensives etc.
Partner acrobatics in Finland, fesitvals and community
Acroyoga and partner acrobatics differences and how to integrate the two
Life as a student at circus school in Spain
training and performing with your life partner; the pros, cons and how to manage them
Handstand tips and training ideas
How to remain disciplined and motivated to train, and balancing training and play time
Bringing creativity and innovation to your practice
How spotting and learning to fall improves your training and skills
Life after circus school
Where to find Kat and what she has going on

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